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Some cool's animes

Holis!. i'm here again with a new blog, this time some animes that are really cool ( from my point of view ofc ) i hope you enjoy it!! >:3.


3. Kotoura-San ( By: AIC Classic )




Haruka Kotoura is a 15-year-old girl who was born with the psychic ability to read minds. She soon gets ridiculed by her classmates at school and loses all of her friends. The strain gets to be too much on her parents as well which results in her mom abandoning her after she inadvertently exposes an affair between them. Haruka becomes a recluse when she distances herself from everyone, concluding that she only brings people bad luck. Things start to change when she starts high school and meets a guy named Yoshihisa Manabe.

2. Shugo Chara ( By: Satelight )




Amu Hinamori is a student at Seiyo Elementary, where she has a reputation for being "cool and spicy"; however, her real personality is that of an extremely shy and easily intimidated girl. One night Amu makes a wish that she would have the courage to be reborn as her "would-be" self. The next morning Amu finds three brightly colored eggs—red, blue, and green—in her bed. Each egg eventually hatches into a Guardian Character: Ran, Miki, and Su. With the Guardian Characters, Amu's life becomes much more complex as she now struggles to deal with her new personalities and the Seiyo Elementary Guardians—a student council group where each member has their own Guardian Character—who recruits Amu to search for and seal the X eggs and X Characters, corrupted forms of people's dreams.

1. Assassination Classroom ( By: Yūsei Matsui )




A strange new teacher is introduced to Class 3-E at Kunugigaoka Junior High School. The teacher is a round-headed, tentacled octopoid creature capable of moving at speeds of up to Mach 20 and whose color changes depending on his mood. Prior to introducing himself to his new class, he managed to carve out a large chunk of the moon to become a permanent crescent moon. In a year, he plots to destroy the earth but decides to teach a junior high school class in the meantime for an unknown reason. With this strange creature having effectively taken over the world, the government reluctantly complies with his request on the condition that he does not harm his students. Affectionately, the students of Class E call him Korosensei, which is a pun on the term korosenai, ( lit. unkillable or can't be killed) and sensei. These same students greet him every day with assassination attempts in their journey to save the world by eventually murdering their own teacher, and to earn 10 billion yen from the government.


Wassup!11!! >:0 i hope you enjoy this blog and i'm really sorry if some of the information is bad and if my english is really bad ;0;. ily<33 see yah!


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i love Assasssination classroom


They are all so great! I really like your blog, and its style (✿◠‿◠)