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"Yeet the baby <3 "
16 years old
United Kingdom
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So heya everyone ~ I’ve had a large amount of people ask why I put my username over my photo - it’s because people have a bad habit of pretending to be me and that as a whole just makes me uncomfortable as heck so I put my username and the platform over my photos so people can’t catfish as me ~ keep in mind I’m underage and the stuff people use those photos of me for are- 🤢🤢 EW

So yea that is why I heavily water mark n tag my photos of myself or photos I’ve taken

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Heya im looking for someone to make me a alice cullen (from twilight)theme css ~ ive been struggling alot to make it and its just not working - if you are able to help (i will give credit) please message one of the following socials

instagram ~ kyra_wave.exe
snap ~ tessz_cupidz
discord ~ slayyter kitty#5855

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hiya how r ya <3

Hey ~ so on my first day of my space I kinda got the hang of things - had a few people add me (tysm for that btw) but had a guy catfishing try to harass me
Image search everything my friends ~ not worth being harassed by a fake anyways
I hope everyone is having a good day and staying safe ~ I’m not sure if anyone else is in lockdown like I am for now but I hope everyone is doing well both mentally and physically xx

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Morning <3

Morning everyone ~ I’m backkkkk I kinda left for a while but I’m finally back on here and I’m soooo happy I came back :3

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