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"rip & tear"
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im working on a game for a game jam. the topic is DOS era aka the 90s.
my game is inspired by wolfenstein and DOOM. off-topic but for the last few days I've been playing DOOM, DOOM II, DOOM64, DOOM Eternal and Wolfenstein: The New Order. I bought Wolfenstein on PS4 a few years ago but never finished it because I got confused but now I got it on Xbox and now im playing it almost non stop. when i finish the new order im prolly gonna buy the new colossus because i love the series so much.
i was thinking about using my console raycasting engine but it's all in C++ and I'm not very good at C++, so I chose Unity since it has my favorite programming language C#. I could prolly use RaycastingGameMaker too but it's outdated, no updates and you can't even code because it doesn't have coding support, only drag and drop.

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