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"kikou brainrot"
14 years old
United States
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abt me

name: kiyo

i am a minor so dont be too weird? pls

gender: nonbinary/transmasc

timezone: pacific standard time

fav gay crime: arson

pronouns: they/them+he/him+it/its+moon/moons+void/voids > here r more https://pronouny.xyz/u/gr1m.b0y

attraction: courscatian/omnisexual{which means im nblm, nblnb, nblw, mlm, mlw, and mlnb or just look it up if ur confused} and ambiamorous
(i do have 2 partners rn, but im currently looking 4 another one so uh if ur interested u should hmu FNJAMCKFKN preferably enby/transmasc)

enneagram/mbti/zodiac/chart alignment: 7w8,enxp,virgo,chaotic neutral

i will talk abt my interests so be ready 4 tht

i do need tone indicators, but dont over do it bc i feel like u would be infantilizing me yk?

random stuff:
-i have a huge RBF so im told im intimidating a lot when one of my top goals is to be catboy :/
-extreme mood swings
-i have a superiority + inferiority complex combo
-i flirt w ppl on accident
-i will laugh at almost anything
-suspected adhd, efd, and bpd </3
-i cant spell, thats it
-im 5'4'' >:)
-huge warning to anyone that is not comfortable w swearing, inappropriate jokes, or trauma humor bc i use all of them to cope sorry
-i am incredibly easy to distract so if i dont reply to u, im not ignoring u, just distracted!

byf: i do have rejection sensitive dysphoria and attachment issues so keep that in mind pls! i apologize if that makes u uncomfortable but its just how i am, i cant rlly control it

here r sum of my ocs incase ur interested or mayhaps wanna draw em !!give me character credit if u do pls!!

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dni :p

if any of these apply to u, pls do not talk to me or interact w me <3
>basic dni
>ship bandaid/kin mikan{i can make exceptions but pls dont talk abt mikan, shes a HUGE discomfort for me}
>p3do/p3do apologist
>support y@g@mi or justify her disgusting actions
>over 18
>vent w/o my permission
>harass/suibait kin doubles
>fetishize mlm, wlw, nblw, etc.
>refuse to use neopronouns
>self-proclaimed fujoshi/fudanshi {its fine if u read/watch bl/gl but dont be weird or fetishy abt it?}
>dont believe acab, blm, pal, etc.
>glorify/glamourize s/lfharm, mental illness, etc.
>abelist/or infantilize ND ppl its fucking weird
>victim blame
>anti semitism
>call gay/trans men uwu boys pls stop its literally so weird
>call enbies anything thats infantilizing
>stay very far away from me if u still support YBC
>use "gender envy" when u are 100% cisgender
>consider consensual polyamorous relationships cheating
>demonize ppl for having intrusive thoughts
>shame ppl for not practicing proper hygiene when their depressed
>a performative activist
>hardcore republican/conservative
>there's a lot more but all i can think of rn

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i kin 4 fun + comfort so doubles r loved nd appreciated

kuroo tetsurou{high}
bokuto koutaro{high}
shoyo hinata{medium}
atsumu miya{medium}

my little pony
rainbow dash{medium}


amazing world of gumball
gumball watterson{high}

gravity falls
wendy corduroy{medium}

my hero academia
keigo takami{high}
bakugou katsuki{medium}
shigaraki tomura{medium}
denki kaminari{medium}

umbrella academy
klaus hargreeves{high}

adventure time
marshall lee{high}
tree trunks{medium}

bobs burgers
bob belcher{high}

jujutsu kaisen
gojo satoru{high}

invader zim
gaz membrane{high}

ouran high school host club
mitsukuni "honey" haninozuka{high}

danganronpa(all games)
kazuichi soda{medium}
ibuki mioda{high}
leon kuwata{low}
fuyuhiko kuzuryu{medium}
rantaro amami{medium}
korekiyo shinguji{high/medium}

avatar the last airbender

doki doki literature club

ibara obami{medium}
mary saotome{medium}

soul eater
soul evans{medium}
dr. stein{high}

death note
misa amane{high}

toilet bound hanako-kun

mystic messenger
saeyoung choi{medium}

howls moving castle
howl pendragon{high}

persona 5
ryuji sakamoto{medium}


the fantastic mr. fox
mr. fox{high}

hunter x hunter
killua zoldyck {medium}

future diary
yuno gasai {medium}(noticing a lot of problematic characters right? yes i know hush)

the disastrous life of saiki k
kaidou shun{low}

identity v
luca balsa {low}

kokichi ouma {danganronpa 3}**sad ik

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