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Quiet Places

It's harder to find places that no one goes to in developed areas.
Each place has a difficulty[1-10] to get to without causing suspicion, even if you aren't trespassing you can get police called on you.

The ones I know without people here are:

Pit Clearing [DIFFICULTY-1.4]

Clearing in woods with many manmade pits and remnants of people, old ale bottles and rusted oil tins.

Old Hunter's Post [DIFFICULTY-1.6]

Same woods as the above, but another side of it.
A hunter's post is here falling apart, along with one other strange thing I'm not sure what the purpose was. A buck skull sits on a small dead tree here.

Retirement Home Trail [DIFFICULTY-1.2]

I don't know when or why this trail was made, but it's directly behind the local walmart and wraps to a retirement home. If you keep going, the trail seems to get older with worn wooden fences sinking into marsh. Leads to Library Field.

The Destroyed Library Field [DIFFICULTY-3]

Kids drive to the rubble parking lot to smoke/vape, older people may go up there to see what you're doing. Right by the parking lot is the field, lots of deer and turkey go here and there are remains of coyotes' past (and sometimes recent) kill. Far out into the field there's wooden boards piled up, lots of empty snail shells there too. I found a fallen real estate sign by the trees, not sure if the land is owned.

Sewer Forest [DIFFICULTY-4.9]

The closest to me yet one of the hardest to get to.
Only entrance is the by the road as houses line the inner forest borders. Was used for the water system and is surprisingly large and eerily beautiful. There's an old house here that isn't listed on maps but looking lightly into it the latest owner is an elderly woman in her 80s. Not sure if she's still there.

Abandoned Quartz Quarry [DIFFICULTY-7]

People who live by there apparently walked in
there every now and then, some used to go shooting. Only entrance is in the neighborhood, have to talk to the people by the entrance if you don't want your car towed or something. Other entrance is gated with cameras, seems to be construction in the quarry, though the forest surrounding it will most likely be fine.
Forest is very dense, clearing by the quarry and forest border has A LOT of bird bones. In the quarry you can find bits of old machine metal, missed quartz, fossils, old bullet shells, and feathers. Shooting targets are still there.

I hope to find a place I can easily go to, and then sleep.

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