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"i want hwang hyunjin's gender"
15 years old
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idea : question meme :D

someone should make a introduction/question meme !!! (and now i mean meme as in information spreading fast) like . a list of numbered qs which people could post and then people could comment a number to get an answer :D

it would be super fun to like get to know people and up interactions i think :3

idk if i have enough questions on the tip of my tongue but like . if u have smn that u think could be in the question meme pls comment !!!

edit : better msg me so i can reply hskjf

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that's a really good idea! we can try and think of a few together hmm

  • what inspired the aesthetic for your blog?
  • do you ever feel the need to "choose" an aesthetic?
  • if you have kins: in what ways to you relate to your highest kin?
  • who is your comfort character and why?
  • how has your music taste evolved over the past year?
  • what is your relationship to social media?

i have no idea how deep u want these to be lol