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"Bon Bon, I think that's the birthday boy!"
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sorry guys </3 this is where im gonna blueycapsules liveblog bc i have ishyews and puhroblems

nobody fucking look at me its boss bosemans birthday https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/blueycapsules/images/f/fa/Volume2bossman.png EVERYONE SAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY RIGHT NOW

teehee~ hiiiii okay so i have. a LOT to say about the updates to uh. say the least. bare w me while i cycle analyze this shit. so obviously theres michaels nightmares, and typically i dont. think too hard abt these. imo they dont mean all THAT much and dont do too much to advance the plot. what i REALLY wanna talk abt tho is when michael woke up to join his father for breakfast. william.... william i am going to bite your fucking ankles i stg.
[pauses to check if the wiki updated w anything important (there wasnt)] [i got lost on the sister location wiki instead why is the ennard comment section like that SVKJSK]
im still like. baffled abt william. hes seriously just not gonna keep it a secret anymore? mike, michael, his 'heir', is the only one left and now hes just gonna throw all fucks out the window? "your sister isnt really dead, heres an instruction manual, go down to the basement, youll be fine i prommy" BITCH??? michael HAS to be piecing this shit together by now, right? theres no fucking way he hasnt put it together by now. king ur father has been killing kids on purpose and trapping their souls into the animatronics. THERES NO WAY HE DOESNT FUCKING KNOW BY NOW HE SAW WHAT CIRCUS BABY DID HE SAW IT!!!! HE SAW THE FUCKING CLAW COME OUT AND GRAB HIS SISTER HE FUCKING KNOWS THAT THE CIRCUS BABYS ANIMATRONICS HAVE TO HAVE A FUCKED UP PURPOSE BY NOW!!!!!!

hes so close to being in the basement come onnnn

https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/545248369476501524/824513950188175370/image0.jpg https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/545248369476501524/824514036678656030/image0.jpg god. god. god. god. god. god. god. god.

aghdjegevqdkjkjhegqvdbkhsqdvbjqdvkguhsdgbw:;: hi :)
so henry knows. he knows what happened to charlie. he knows what happened to all of the kids. i dont know where michael is. presumably he saw the notebooks and began reading through but booked it out of the house to call henry. this shit hurts SO MUCH!!!!!!!! GOODBYE!!!!!!!!!!!!! https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/545248369476501524/825756571811184730/image0.jpg NNORBFKJS NOT THE ROSE COLORED GLASSES FUCKING BREAKING NOT HENRY FINALLY SEEING WHATS FUCKING GOING ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i know its an april fools update but this is literally the best fucking update ever. also happy one year, blueycapsules!
now look at this: https://blueycapsules.fandom.com/wiki/Bluey_Capsules_First_Anniversary
sunny with the worm on a string in her pocket.... literally all of the milfs knowing that sunny got rid of will... WILL BEING GONE YEAHHAHA evil elizabeth sammy dead (sad :( ) emilie pretty im gonna kiss her VINNY PHONE??? ALSO SCOTTY.... SCOTTY 🥺🥺🥺 i love seeing more of ivy too..... oh my god i wonder what jerry and cassidy and gabriel are like LMAO HELP ME EVIL LIZ LITERALLY DOES NOT CARE THAT SHE KILLED CC HELP ME WHY IS THIS SO FUNNY also also phil literally just being the same as before is the icing on the cake imo. WAIT A FUCKING MINUTE LIZ IS WEARING AMY THE HEDGEHOG BOOTS???? WOUGHH WAIT I JUST REALIZED SINCE CHARLIES ALIVE THEN WE GET TO SEE HER OLDER.... PLEASEEEE 🤲

HELP HER?? MOTHERFUCKER HELP HER????? https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/808739811715973190/828860851787137035/image0.png

sunny afton my beloved <3 i cant stop thinking about her. super sad that im getting attached bc :( like we all know. we all know what williams gonna do to her KJSNV



I am now taking exciting messages any time!!

[[ooc// this is me inviting yall to roleplay w me please please please please please


I am so tired!

Can people PLEASE stop being fucking WEIRD towards me!! Stop trying to project your sexual fantasies on me PLEASE I would very much appreciate it!! This is a FAMILY-FRIENDLY BUSINESS!! Even if it's uh... literally here so that William can kidnap and murder more children, but that's BESIDES the point, the point being! Please stop sending me weird messages or adding weird things to the comments you leave on my page. Thanks.


Now Hiring!

Hello and welcome!
We are looking for two new technicians here at Circus Baby's Entertainment and Rental.

Technician Tasks include:
-Taking care of our animatronic friends, making sure they are up and running and keeping them company at night
-Keeping the underground bunker in tight, running order
-Checking in on the security guard (remember, you are making them feel safe within the bunker and around the animatronics while you are present, not deliberately scaring the guard. We have had many instances where our technicians have been injured by security guards because they tried to play around.)
-Other silly little tasks that we will explain once we accept you for an interview

Inquire for an interview by messaging us!

no, we dont know what happened to the last technicians. stop asking.



Your coding skills are wonderful, friend!

okay i have NOW DECIDED I am going to put a little ooc intro for myself here to like clear things up i guess? some ppl get confused on who i am + where 2 track me down at so jhdsvjh
my name is chimera/howl, and calling me either is fine if you want to talk ooc! my pronouns are he/they/nya, im 17, and i run this blog, molten, roxanne, sammy, and my main blog is howl. ill link them below :33
i started this account as a way to get out my fnaf ideas ect but also to feel validated within my delusions of being a huge pink and white animatronic bear. yes you heard it here i believe i am a murder bear real. initially i was gonna use this blog to post my thoughts + theories + things about my timeline (looks directly at the memories i have of be and michael being besties even if he didnt know it lol) but then i got flushed down the hole of roleplaying on here and man i really did miss roleplaying so much </3
DESPITE my speaking french on occasion, i am a native english speaker, im only learning french at the moment and sometimes a little switch will flip in my brain thats like. 'look at me. tu veux parler français maintenant.' and all i do is nod my head.
there are uh probably other things im missing out on tellin nyall abt myself but idk what else 2 put lol. an e ways!! thanks for comin 2 my tedtalk lol
https://64.media.tumblr.com/11d1745a607fdc13f33bb1bfd787941b/8b24125e5f80a88b-ca/s250x400/fc583b3eb46aaa2b302e49feb90b164e6107ed70.gifv UM UM ps if any of u wanna talk about my time of being freddy please please please message me and ask its 🥺 its 🥺😭

discord server: https://discord.gg/C7tvRUP6NK
^^please join me in my server! im not on all the time but there r tons of cool ppl in there!