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13 years old
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vent (cw)

content warning: talks about relationships (and goes a little into toxic ones)

theres this guy that i liked
we both liked rhythm heaven and we started chatting on reddit, and we both supported eachother on youtube
chatting with him made me feel so relaxed
i felt like he was my brother or something
everytime i talked to him i just felt, in the zone sorta
we then moved onto sketchers united since that is where i am most active
i renember staying up until 3am talking to him
i renember we would send eachother cursed images
today (after lobby got shut down)
he made a post about him getting a date
if you read sonichu you knew how i felt lmao /j
i felt jeaulous but also happy at the same time
i was gonna through up istg
i couldnt even vent about it in post because we shared socials, and he would get the notification
i told my feelings to some friends but i felt like posting it here anyways
i really hope his partner isnt a toxic individual
i have experienced a toxic relationship before and its terrible
best of luck to him , time to watch true crime documentaries and cry

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