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I recommend these websites:

HD Wallpapers
In HD Wallpapers you can download free wallpapers for your computer, these are ultra HD and some are even 4K. Just go to https://www.hdwallpapers.in/

In Mr.doob you can play and entertain yourself for a while, in total there are 36 fun and exciting games. Just go to https://mrdoob.com

Web desing museum
In Web desing museum you can have old software, programs and web pages that have remained in the past. Just go to https://www.webdesignmuseum.org

In ttsdemo you can have all the voices of Loquendo without having to download the application to others that brings 20 voices (in Spanish). Just go to https://ttsdemo.com/

✅ My free Mp3
In ✅ My free Mp3 you can download free music and complete it has 100 categories also you can download a complete album. Just go to https://myfreemp3cc.com/

In Emojipedia you will have more than 100,000,000 emoticons for you to copy and paste. Just go to https://emojipedia.org/

3D Warehouse
In 3D Warehouse you can download exclusive 3D models for SketchUp as well as being free. Just go to https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/

Google cse
In Google cse you can create your own search engine to your liking. Just go to https://cse.google.com/cse/create/new

In Tonolilo you can download free ringtones for your Smartphone or Tablet. Just go to https://tonolilo.es/

In ConvertICO you can convert from PNG to ICO, ICO to PNG, JPG to ICO, SVG to ICO, JPG to HEIF, HEIF to JPG and JPG to PNG. Just go to https://convertico.com/

The free diccionary
In The free dictionary you can search for words online to find out their meaning. Just go to https://es.thefreedictionary.com/

My chrome search
In My chrome search you can have the same Google results but with another logo and another design. Just go to https://mychromesearch.com/

Funny logo
In Funnylogo you can place your name on the Google logo, in addition to having the Google design in 1999 and having the same Google results but personalized to your liking. Just go to http://createfunnylogo.com/

In elgooG you can see Doodles, games, copies of Google ... (etc) if you put Google upside down you can see that it translates to elgooG and also has gniB (Bing). Just go to https://elgoog.im/

International news of life
In International news of life you can see 100% real news, you can also contact their email (denesf86@gmail.com) where if you send them a news it may appear on the website. Just go to https://prettycoolsite.com/

Windows 93
In Windows 93 you will have a lot of fun, Windows 93 is a copy of Windows 95 but more fun because it has: a browser, gravity, clippy, file explorer, games and more. Just go to http://windows93.net

Windows Xp
In Windows XP you can recover this incredible version from Microsoft, it includes: Winamp, Clippy, Screensavers, Tetris, Internet Explorer, Minesweeper etc. Just go to https://geekprank.com/

On MySpace.com you can find friends, post things etc. When you log in you can customize your home screen to the maximum, in addition to the fact that if you have more than 500 friends you add yourself to popular people. Just go to https://myspace.windows93.net/