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please stop crediting miku

ok so uhhh when it comes to vocaloid music a lot of people just credit the vocaloid used instead of the actual producer. like for example someone might say rolling girl by hatsune miku when its actually rolling girl by wowaka feat. hatsune miku. please stop crediting hatsune miku for making vocaloid songs. miku is incapable of composing music she is a voice synthesizer she just goes 0111000010101010 or smthn the point is that shes literally just software. please start crediting producers for the songs they make. a lot of producers get discouraged and stop using vocaloid because their songs are just being credited as mikus songs and not theirs. i understand that people new to vocaloid might not know miku isnt the actual artist but if youve been in the fandom for a while there really isnt an excuse. i hope this made sense i cant write anything longer than a sentence rip

anways thanks for listening besties

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