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"worship me "
101 years old
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☆ adventurer profile.

hey, thanks for opening this! i'm astree n i use she/her pronouns, but feel free to use they/them or he/him, i don't mind. i'm a minor and i'd like to meet others who share my interests. send me a message if you'd like my discord.

i really enjoy manga/hua/hwa! i especially love the ones with the villainess and fantasy tags. even better if it has the reincarnation tag!!
some faves:
☆ jjk
☆ accomplishments of a duke's daughter
☆ omniscient reader's viewpoint
☆ blue period
☆ the ancient magus bride
☆ yubisaki to renren

i'm also a big fan of anime, though i find it a lil difficult to consistently keep up with series.
some faves:
☆ jjk
☆ yona of the dawn
☆ K
☆ the ancient magus bride

some fave artists:
☆ exo
☆ wjsn
☆ red velvet
☆ king gnu
☆ kris wu
☆ umi

comfort characters <3 :
☆ gojo satoru (jjk)
☆ fushiguro megumi (jjk)
☆ childe (gi)
☆ zhongli (gi)
☆ kaeya!!!!!!!!!! (gi)
☆ razor (gi)
☆ xiao (gi)
☆ beidou (gi)
☆ ningguang (gi)
☆ mikoto suoh (k)

thats it for now, i hope to see you soon! ☾


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