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my kin list !!

yo i've seen this literally EVERYWHERE and i just had to make one.
ps, im not actual sure of my kins, i feel like i need others to tell me who i kin becos i feel like im not being true to myself

♡ kenma
i don't think i need to explain this tbh. we're both sort of quiet and im scared of what others think of me. although i might seem riled up with my close friends, ~i'm not the same when i'm alone~ type beat. i hate being the center of attention and it makes me hella stressed

♡ yachi
we practically have the same mom and i'm always helping ppl with their schoolwork cos they're dumb smh /hj. I GET FLUSTERED SO EASILY IM NOT JOKING THIS TIME. i feel like sometimes im not good enough or im not as important as others and it kinda weighs down on me even more cos of how my mom treats me sometimes but i'm sure it's so that i don't half ass everything.

♡ suna
uhm so...

♡ tsukishima
im hella salty all the time and very blunt. i'm quite straightforward and sometimes people even pointed it out; im so sorry LOLOL. i can be egotistical but mostly as jokes but sometimes i do think conceitedly.

♡ zen
omg we just- we're the same person, except the handsomeness.

♡ bakugou
oh lord don't get me started on this man. im sort of arrogant at times AND IM HELLA SHORT TEMPERED. i get mad easily and get accidentally attack people without realizing.

♡ rio futaba | slight tw
once again im sorta blunt and i've had the biggest insecurity about my body just like futaba. i hated how i look and many elders have commented on how i look and it made me insecure about it - some guys have even touched me and made me uncomfortable. oh and we both have glasses LMAOO

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