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"you’re dead to me"
9 years old
United States
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scary vv scary.

so I like these 2 boys right?
I’ve known both of them for a long time
but I’ve always liked 1 of them since forever
and I’ve just developed feelings for the other although he did admit to me on multiple occasions that he liked me and i rejected him both times :/
and the first guy i liked he’s just so bad for me he’s so toxic but that’s what makes me like him. He’s been acting vv lovey dovey lately too!
(background info: the guy I liked first also likes me but i told him i didn’t wanna ruin our friendship WHICH WAS VV STUPID OF ME.)

i just don’t know what to do...or who to ask out yk.

any advice...?

~the whore~ catgirl

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"and the first guy i liked he’s just so bad for me he’s so toxic". choose the second one, if you really loved the first one, there wouldn't be anyone else like him. plus the first one is toxic, so why go to him?. also, change the comment section color. #commentInput {color: black;}