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"hi ツ"
15 years old
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about me but more..? idk

uh i´m 15, i swim and play volleyball, i speak spanish and english fluently and im learning chinese and french, i´m half indian and half spanish and i was born in china. I like painting, meditating, taking walks and reading. I´m interested in psychology, crime and economics and I´m currently learning abt communism so if anyone has any good sources or book recomendations lmk lol. idrk what else to say uh i have a dog and i don´t realy think i´ll every get married or have kids.
uh personality stuff: i´m and intj, i´m a capricorn, i´m a slytherin, my godly parent is aphrodite, i would be in candor and idk dumb test results are: what _ to lovers are you- rivals, let me psychoanalyze you- no one has ever loved you, difficult person test- 11.43%, your role in a period drama- vengeful antagonist, which of these possible identities i crave to be are you-pirate captain that is #1 enemy of the state.
and idk what else to say lol

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yet you still taken :(