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"still working on current css:)"
1 years old
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css 'n other stuff

with design, a lot of the time, simpler is better.

need help with ur css?
i am by no means an expert at css, nor am i amazing at it, but i still have considerable experience with css. i'm willing to help you with any problems or making your css. feel free to ask me below and i'll message u :)


but if you clicked this in hopes to see and get my css - too bad! u cant have it,,, lmao im just joking. if u know where to look ;)) you can get anyone's css and mine!

want some help in design and graphics for your page?
ME I'M WILLING TO HELP, I'LL MAKE GIFS, HEADERS, OR WHATEVER FOR YOU! or whatever, pshhh its cool im chill

the "i loved helping u, its no problem" list

  1. caesar
  2. yuki
  3. dee
  4. jade
  5. you, if you'd message me when u need help
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hello hello i was wondering, how you made ur page float around like that :O looks so cool i am jealous


hello!!! could u look over my css and see if there r any issues with it? bc sometimes i'll change something and then something else changes color and i don't know what went wrong :(

it's ok if u don't want to! thank u,,