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"kill me"
14 years old
United States
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i hate myself lmao

i accidentally just undid all of my css. i deleted something and it all just stopped working.

i want to kms /j


i got it back!! and now im realizing how shitty it actually is lol

update number 2:


ok final update:

i figured out the problem, hopefully i'll stop losing my fucking css now


dni stuff (pls read)

i try not to be too picky about this stuff, but this is mostly just for my own safety

pls dni if:

you are openly transphobic, racist, ableist, homophobic, or just a bigot in general

you are over 20 or under 13 years old (people who i already follow n stuff r ok!)

you support/listen to botdf (u have no excuses for listening to dahvie's music. get the fuck off my page and don't come back. block me or some shit, idc.)

you're just here to pick meaningless fights about fucking nothing

also if ur one of those uwu msi danganronpa scenecore bitches please stay very far away from me

thats basically it (u can probably guess the kind of person i am just based off of this list, so add carefully lol)

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css credit!!

ok so these are all of my sources for css so far:

basic colors & purgefwiend : FawkesMcCloud

changed myspace.windows93.net logo (top of page) and image under url : Rayray Riot

the very basics (background gif, cursor, etc) : KandiDiary, from the tutorials on his tiktok

blinking notif : kitton

custom country & user settings images : s0cketz (i would really recommend checking out the doc in his css blog if u need a place to get started with css)

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