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"Я сдох. "
Trans Man
16 years old
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css 1


So I've been trying to change my profile for a while, but when I incert my css code, for some reason the page just doesn't change... at all. Even the background color. Lol. I'm sure I write correctly, because I have no problems at working with css for my own web sites, so idk what's causing this.
Maybe I have to wait for changes to apply or something? It's really frustrating at this point.


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Happy new year to everyone! 2021

This year was shit for me. A lot of bad things happened. I hope this next year will be better. I hope to move back to Spain, because I'm literally dying in Ukraine.
I wish this year to go better for you, too.

Thank you and happy new year!!

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Going to start

I think I'll start designing my page today. I want to make something special. I've had this idea for a long time (creating my own blog). I'll also create a separate blog/website that I'll write by myself, just have to find a good host and stuff.

Thanks for reading.

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