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"Howdy! I'm Starfish, pleasure to meet y'all"
18 years old
United States
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Random Blog #2

So like, I kinda wanna start dating again but I wanna start dating someone who can handle me. I have trauma so I tend to seem or react different to things. Such as:
-I don't like being touched without permission
-I react pretty badly when people are angry/upset/pissed of/disappointed at me
-I crave affection a little too much
-Have hypersexuality
-Tend to overthink a lot, especially if I'm talking to someone and they just stop talking to me, I tend to think that they got bored of me, or they just don't like me anymore and wanna find someone new
-Isolate myself for days, maybe weeks because of some small situation
-I'm not possessive BUT I do get slighty jealous and will show that I'm your girlfriend by holding your arm like a teddy bear
-I take consent VERY seriously, if we do something sexual or romantic, consent has to be put in place first before we can continue so both of us are comfortable
-I flinch very hard and a lot. Like if someone in front of me or next to me does a fast movement, I will flinch very hard
-When I get stressed or when I start to get angry, I fling my wrists a lot or I become extremely quiet because I'll drift off in space
-I do also get distracted very easily

So yea...😊💕

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