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About Me Part 1

Hello! How is the new MySpace for everyone? Well for me it is a blast from the past indeed, but also very strange. I know there’s an about me page, but I thought I should make a little blog introducing myself since blogs are an option, and I’d rather have videos of me in the about me section. :P As you may know, I am a musician. That’s what most people classify me as. I am the bass guitar player and one of the vocalists for a band called, Phoenix Splash. I write some of the songs, and help video edit some of the videos on our channel. Are you bored yet? Okay… well if you aren’t – I will keep going. Aside from being a musician, I am also a nerd. I love playing and collecting old school retro game systems like the Sega Dreamcast, Neo Geo, Neo Geo Pocket, NES, Master System, PSP, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, and many more. My video game collection is growing at an alarming rate…. I love it! I am into a few anime and manga like Cowboy Bebop, My Hero Academia, Death Note, Eatman, One Punch Man, and Sorcerer Hunters (I love way too many cartoons). I do collect manga, and am starting to collect anime, but it’s not as massive as my gaming collection. I also love Avatar: The Last Air Bender, and The Legend of Kora. Those are great shows. I could talk for hours about the shows, and games I have listed. So much it would bore you. I could go on and on about myself, but I am keeping it short right now. There will be a part 2, and it’s something some of my friends and I used to do on the old myspace. It’s kind of like a Q and A. I am just going to answer a list of questions that may seem interesting to know about someone. It sounds stupid, right? Hahaha! Well… it kind of is, but I haven’t done it in years, but I am going to for old times sake. In the meant time, here’s a funny picture. Hopefully one of these links will work.



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