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"Moon Prism Power!!!!!!"
24 years old
United States
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i said i was gonna start doing these monthly so here's a new one
uhhh the you-know-what is still going around so i hope y'all are still staying safe from that
i still haven't made new music, hoping for some motivation to hit me soon
cancelled doing the vocal cover, so no cover, sorry!
i made my own discord server so i guess comment here or message me if you want an invite to my server!
Gay Rats has kinda slowed down but we have a Spy Kids video coming out soon! copyright laws are a bitch
i hit 2 years on HRT (hormone replacement therapy) today, so that's cool! I'm trans in case you couldn't tell lmao
things have really slowed down basically and i hope things get better
like i said before, check me out on twitter or other social media in the link in my infobox if you wanna be more up to date on my life

that's all for now, sorry this was shorter and not as exciting than the last one. i don't think anyone reads these anyway lol

stay kawaii ~ヾ(^∇^)

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