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bby.rat!!!'s Blog

"what if we pogged together <3"
Trans Male
14 years old
United States
Last Login: 1624652257000
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  • basic dni stuff (pedo, racist, antilgbt, abelist, etc)
  • harass someone for likin a certain creator, everyone is different (unless the creator is a genuinely terrible person in general)
  • think doxxing is ok, thats horrible!!!!
  • wont use tone indicators just to annoy someone, its hard for me to tell how people speak sometimes/understand stuff!!!
  • fujoshis, if ur already a fujo before i made this u can stay cause im too lazy to search, but it makes me very uncomfortable being fetishized
  • infantize trans people, cause thats icky!! (transmen, transwomen, nonbinary people, etc)


  • i am a minor!! if u r over 18 do not do anything sexual, if ur under still dont (unless im comfortable w it then discord i guess idfk)
  • im hispanic i better not see anyone tryna tell me i cant speak spanish, specifically im colombian
  • idc if you say slurs, just dont say them as an insult to some (ex i call myself a f4ggot sometimes cause yea why not)
  • dont ship me with people, it makes me uncomfortable after something that happened 2 years ago
  • i like dark humor sometimes, although i am sensitive , i try not to be insensitive
  • i am shy so i struggle to respond when people dm me
  • dont cancel me if i say somethin out of context lol /j
  • im a transmale, waitin for testosterone B)
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