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"I'm not superstitious but I am a little stitiuos."
40 years old
United States
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Ever since I created my account I've been getting incredibly weird comments sent to me, I don't know how to respond to them anymore, but I will explain how I feel about them, because I do not agree with people writing these... things.

People will write things like "Marry me!" which make me uncomfortable, I have a beautiful wife and kids, and I don't want to be in any other relationships, thank you. Now, I understand people can get excited (or just like joking around!) when they see someone they admire from TV or from YouTube, or whatever other platform, but that's not really the point, the point is: Crossing boundaries.

One look at my comment box will show you what I mean, and it is not okay.
Now, not everyone who comments on my page is this way, I know many people on MySpace who are awesome and very nice too! They have not commented any type of weird things, and they are very respectful! They'll ask me questions, and that's alright! I enjoy answering questions and chatting a bit. The issue presents itself when people cross relationship boundaries with me. I understand that we all love cracking jokes sometimes, and I'll admit that I've laughed at one or two of these comments! It's funny and all, but many people on this website are underage, so when underage people make these jokes it doesn't seem so funny, just weird. And I've noticed this same thing happening with Tom's account too, along with a few other people's accounts.

As much as I love reading jokes and joking around, there are always boundaries.

All I ask is be respectful! I respect all of you, I'm grateful for all of you, and I appreciate all of you, so I hope you'll respect me too.

Thank you for reading, and GOODNIGHT VIETNAM!
(It's not actually nighttime but it sounded fitting.)

-Michael Scott :-)

Hello! My first post didn't appear in the news tab... so here it is again.



Happy late valentine's everyone!
I spent valentine's with Holly which is why I was not online for all the valentine's wishes.
However, I hope you all had a nice valentine's day, and don't worry if you didn't have anyone to spend it with, you'll find that special someone one day!


-Michael Scott

(I'm going to start signing my blogs, I think it makes them look more profesional.)


100 friends!

Thank you all for adding me! Feel free to ask me questions if you want, and have a good day!


What does this mean

Can someone please tell me what a "furry" is?

Also, what's a "weeb"?



Does anyone have any cool song music things n3p's?
Please contact me especially if you have "Goodbye my lover" by James Blunt as an n3p or if you have any black eyed peas songs. Actually just send me a message if you have any good songs but i don't want any songs that Toby might listen to or has listened to or will listen to or might listen to.

This is all and GOODBYE!!!!!!!!

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Threat Level Midnight Q&A

I will be answering any and all questions my amazing fans have about Threat Level Midnight and/or me!!!!!
You can ask about my experience as an actor, or how I came up with the story for Threat Level Midnight, or if there will be a sequel, or you can also ask about what it was like being a director of the film Threat Level Midnight, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. I'll let you ask the questions.
So make sure to ask and I (director, producer, writer, etc. of Threat Level Midnight) will answer.

Thank you to all of my loyal fans and GOOD MORNING VIETNAM! Or good night. Or good day.

-Michael Scott; writer, actor, producer and director of Threat Level Midnight.

Questions (so far):

By user: Emmynette
Who or what inspired Goldenface?
That's a good question! Goldenface was mostly my own creation. I did, however, take a bit of inspiration from the joker, but just a bit.

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