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"You haven't actually given up, have you? "
12 years old
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Ayoo how've you been? I hope you've been eating well and drinking your water and at least smiled genuinely today/night whatever time ur seeing this.

I've started doing some of my missing assignments but I work slow so I'm probably not gonna finish until Easter, hbu? Ik you still got some, at least try n do one okay?

I'm really close to finishing TPN (The Promised Neverland) Manga just 20 something more chapters left probably, and I haven't cried during any of it. I know, I know, I'm a bhaddie purrrr, but anything recently happened with you? Like just anything cool or noticeable in general about you this week.

You've done pretty good so far better than most actually, keep it up!

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Ahh make sure to eat healthy! Sushi sounds hella good tho- Tpn is really good depending on what you're into, season 2 did not pass the vibe check-Thankies, good day/night to u too homie!


i'm doing okay lately i think :--)
but i was eating almost only sushi two days in a row ane i love it but my stomach doesn't..
i have to finally start tpn, it's waiting for me so long now D:
take care and have a nice day / night !!!