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Nao Egokoro's Blog

"she copy and pasted her wedding vows..."
101 years old
United States
Last Login: 1622080365000
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rando facts about me

  • i still listen to the song shut up and dance with me (and i will not apologize)
  • i stan carly rae jepson
  • my favorite song at the moment is "i bet on losing dogs" by mitski
  • when im sad i watch ldshadowlady
  • i once gave my sister drxg money without knowing
  • i wear the same jacket everyday
  • i wake up at 2-4 am everyday (sometimes i go back to sleep)
  • i have a C in english because of a shitty essay i wrote
  • somehow i have a B in math
  • none of my friends moms like me
  • my friends dad once said that he'd beat up my grandpa
  • me and @xxacidfrogxx have the same school schedule
  • once i got grounded for 3 months back in the 3rd grade because i had a C in math
  • i don't realize how loud im being until someone points it out
  • i memorized the entirety of blank space by taylor swift on accident
  • i used to listen to nightcore so much that i couldn't listen to non-nightcore music for a while
  • now i usually listen to daycore
  • i have a cat named willie and a dog named gator
  • i fall asleep very easily
  • im a light sleeper
  • i want to twitch stream but my pc sucks ass
  • i overshare
  • idk how to read cords on minecraft even though ive been playing it since 2014
  • i have never done any complicated redstone, ive only ever made roller coasters with powered rails and redstone torches
  • i'm banned from beanblockz because my sister (whos banned) logged into beanblockz on my acc and a mod checked the i.p.
  • i think im banned from hypixel but i dont remember
  • i'm a cat person
  • i save my money and plan to spend it on something but then i impulsively buy something else and regret it
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