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"i just got so emo i fell apart"
15 years old
United States
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i don't wanna go to advisory :(

my school's makes us do this advisory thing where seniors basically tell us advice (essentially just "sleep" and "do your homework"), and it's always really awkward and bad.

it used to be once a month, but now it's gonna be once a week -_-

the problem is, forcing people together doesn't make them become friends. i have much better friends from clubs that i'm in voluntarily than from my advisory.

i also already had a whole schedule worked out for fridays, i always did my homework after school, and then went to my school's improv club, cuz the people are cool there. now, not only can i not do my homework before improv, but i'll also miss a big chunk of improv, which sux.

i just wish people realized that forcing people together is not an effective way to get them to socialize :(

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oh eww that sounds gross, im sorry :/