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css bonk's Blog

"open to free css building"
21 years old
United Kingdom
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css help/requests

i'm super open to helping with your page!
but i'd super appreciate it if we could communicate somewhere like discord or even twitter so i can keep track of the conversation (i wasn't good at flip phone texts either ahaa)~

i can help with little sections that you may need or even set up a whole page!
i'm gonna link some of the profiles i've worked on in the comments below ^w^

please if you ask for my help, be consistent and make sure to respond and give me the correct details of what you want - i won't be able to help you efficiently without that


css warning

i gotta let y'all know u probably shouldn't follow if u just like how the page looks - it'll change as frequently as i help people with their pages. it is for testing afterall "^w^ look at my fwiends section at the profile there - that's my main, and will be much less likely to change <3

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test blog

hehe just a test message to see what the boxes etc look like!! hope i Succeeded xoxo

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