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Guide to JJBA

How to watch JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Presented by Genesis
Many want to start JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, but have no idea where to start. There are currently 5 parts out, and one being animated. I am here to answer questions you have, and save you from confusion and part skipping. Let us begin!
Here's the names of all JoJo parts (In order)
-Phantom Blood (9 Episodes)

-Battle Tendency (17 Episodes)

-Startdust Crusaders (48 Episodes)

-Diamond is Unbreakable (39 Episodes)

-Golden Wind (39 Episodes)

-Stone Ocean (Manga only)

-Steel Ball Run (Manga only)

-JoJolion (Manga only, publishing)

As you can see, there are 8 JoJo parts in total, Phantom Blood through Golden Wind have been released as of April of 2021. Stone Ocean is being released soon, though we don't know the air dates.
I see lots of confusion with the first season, why are there 26 episodes if Phantom Blood is only 9 episodes long? Don't panic, they combined parts 1 and 2 into a single season!

JJBA Content Warnings

Multiple parts in JJBA include the following:

Character Death and Animal Death (especially dogs)
Death of LGBT+ characters
Blood, Gore, and Body Horror
References to Alcohol and Drugs
Slurs (R word, Q word, etc.)
Sexual Assault and Rape
Abuse, especially Child Abuse
Pedophilia and Child Molestation
Unsanitary content
Guns and Other Weapons
Loud Sudden Noises, Eye Strain, and Flashing/Fast Visuals
Nudity and Suggestive/Sexual Scenes (No Explicit Sex)
Generally Just Really Fucked Up Morals


Q: Can I skip parts?
A: No. All the JoJo fans will be angry, and you won't understand future parts.

Q: Why is part one so boring?
A: First off, that hurts :( second, yes many people who start the series drop while watching part one, even I took a month long break from watching it 4 episodes in, but if you really want to understand the hype, you gotta get past the first 9 episodes, it sets the rest of the story up so it's important!

Q: What is the series rated?
A: The show is intended for mature audiences

Q: Is there an English dub for the series?
A: Yes!

Q: Why is the family tree so messed up?
A: I would explain but it's a spoilers, now go watch it.

Q: Who is your favorite Joestar?
A: Why thank you for asking!!! It's Jonathan, we are rather rare.

Q: What are your favorite parts?
A: THANK YOU FOR ASKING!! My favorite parts are parts 1 and 8. My second favorite JoJo is Gappy! He also has my favorite outfit out of all the JoJo's, second is Jolyne <3

Please comment any other questions/suggestions of things to list below if you have them!

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Jonathan Joestar

Thank you for your suggestion!


you should probably add a cw list! jjba-cw on tumblr has some for each part that you could link to