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"catboy of ur dreams"
17 years old
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a bit of an intoduction

salutations everyone, im bunny and i go by they/them pronouns. i'm an isfp!! i love the smell of rain and bookstores. plants are the loml

i love music. i’m a singer and pianist and it’s one of my biggest passions. i write songs and do song analysis on my twitter. i miss being on stage and performing.
i also listen to a wide variety of music. my playlists range from The rills to onlyoneof. the main music i consume are probably rock (and similar generes) + kpop. i listen music at all times and across different platforms. if you have spotify let's be buddies [sparkleclipse]

i enjoy anime and manga too!! i really like devilman crybaby, banana fish, toilet bound hanako kun and bungou stray dogs.
i rewatch animes constantly because it gives me a kind of comfort.

another thing about me is that i have a deep love for reading and writing. i adore taking the reader to an alternate world or even into my own head. i love sappho and oscar wild, great authors. i miss going to the library ,before covid, and being able to stay there reading for hours and hours on loop.

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