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I barely remember setting up a MySpace a decade ago, and having the experience emulated here makes me sad I was too young to appreciate what MySpace was. In a way this emulates both the current dead form, and the form that was popular all those years ago, Its both empty and active, and as I spam out "fwiend" requests and chat I cant help but feel the isolation just under the surface.

This project is more than just nostalgia, it is expression.

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thats so true, but in a sense this layer of melancholia and nostalgia adds an eerie sense to the site that i really appreciate.
browsing on here gives me some post apocalyptic feel that i feel like the original myspace would not have given me.
knowing how the web turned out to be and revisiting those old ideas is a pretty strange experience in itself and a very cool one at that, it almost feels like watching blade runner or exploring abandoned buildings, seeing what used to be great now turned into dust


same, i had myspace a long time ago and this feels a lot more like the myspace i loved back then than myspace today. i hate facebook but still use it, would love it if all my fb friends came here instead.


Oh. The comments are real. Well, yeah, for me this feels SUPER nostalgic. I hope they make more improvements and push for more intricate ways to better make our custom pages unique. I'm really digging the layouts. I really appreciate you sharing this site with me. I would have never known of this particular emulation being available. It certainly feels like a time capsule made available on the internet.


Damn... You are absolutely spot on.
I still vividly remember some of the conversations I had with complete strangers on Myspace 15 years ago.
Many of them I only talked to maybe a couple times, but they were strangely some of the best conversations I ever had. Everything just seemed so new and exciting back then, and Myspace was the perfect outlet.
It was the first time I talked to people in other countries, the first time I was catfished, the first time I experienced jealousy (why is HE in your top


Great post. I agree so much with your post. It feels like I am connecting with my younger self and tapping into all that emotion and feeling I had at the time. Every time I view a page it feels like I am looking at an old friend who logged off a long time ago but left their imprint for us all to feel.


This is a very complexing thought you have there. I wasn't old enough to experience the original myspace but being here I've already felt like I used this a long time ago and the people here makes me feel we're more of a family than strangers. It's the beauty of this project that makes it special and no other social media will ever give us that feeling.


Hey Maya - gotta agree here. This project is expression and allowing us to take back what was great about the early days of social media. This emulates what I believe will be a new wave of people tired of the lack of expression allowed in Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.; There is certainly isolation, but in unification through a digital landscape we can overcome this and use this tool of emulation to bring us back to what once was. Great words and they inspire thought.