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merry krizmest

merry xmas and happy holidays frendz. i hope you all are doing well in these trying times. xmas is kinda a big deal here but not really, it's more of an occasion to take a break from work and spend time with friends and family... or alone, away from other humans, maybe accompanied by a pet cat that you think hates you but will not sleep unless you're in the same room as them (i don't have a cat, but an irl does).

to be frank, i always ask for free times to relax, but when i have nothing to do i'm restless and sometimes even anxious, which is ironic since i'm always asking for free time but when i get it i want something to do. i guess why i'm writing this blog. funny thing before i wrote this sentence someone sent me fanfiction to read and i got distracted reading it and forgot about this.

oh yeah another thing why is there a /10 thing for the ''all blogs' section? is there a limit? because if so i might need to set up an archive, but the problem is that i don't know how to set up an archive but i'm pretty sure it isn't that hard (hopefully).


blogging iz cool

i like writing, but writing about myself is weird, but i'll try it anyway... hopefully no one i know irl finds this blog... i'm pretty comfortable vibing in the closet where i live as of now lol

edit: also thinking of publishing edgy poetry here hehe