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"Submit yourself to bugs! Give in to infestation!"
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TikTokers... Eugh.

Consider this both a rant, and a test post. I am fully aware that I've already stated this via my {'About me' & Who 'I'd Like To Meet'} sections, but I feel the need to stress this much more than I did there. I do not wish to be fwiends with anyone who came here from TikTok alone, and aren't willing to take the time and learn CSS. You guys are plaguing this wonderful site, by joining then leaving so soon, and it breaks my heart. Majority of the pages on this site have taken lots & lots of time and effort from some very creative minds, as oppose to multiple {NOT ALL! SORRY FOR THOSE WHO ARE ACTUALLY MAKING AN EFFORT!} of you, who join, and leave shortly after because it wasn't what you expected it to be. Coding is not easy! But it's totally worth sticking around to learn!! As well as this, pretty CSS DOES NOT matter! This site is solely based on making fwiends, {Or at least I believe so,} and is such a great reminder of the past! Long story short I am once more asking that NO TIKTOKERS come along expecting to be fwiends. I am against you all and in the nicest way possible, and you are not welcome amidst the face of my page. To all else, have a bugtastic day! Flick, out!

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fun fact: i do in fact come from tiktok and i fell in love with this site almost immediately. i literally had 0 knowledge about css and i as soon as i started to learn more about it, i just couldnt stop myself anymore lol
though i can definitely see what you mean: literally SO MANY PEOPLE have been using sophies css and they dont even give credit!! its annoying me because now i know how hard and how difficult this stuff can be. i feel bad for every person that gives out css for others and then have to


i agree some of my best friends here dont know how to css i care more for friends ☺
some people just use the site for looks too