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I have been researching Andromeda and its constellation for class. :P Greek Mythology is a gigantic part of my daily life, so I wanted to just vomit out some info on her! :3
Andromeda was the daughter of the King of Aethiopia, Cepheus, and his wife, Cassiopeia. When her mother boasts about how her daughter is more beautiful than the Nereids, or sea nymphs, an offended Poseidon sends Cetus, a sea monster, to attack the shores of Aethiopia. To appease Poseidon and Cetus, Andromeda is chained to a rock to be sacrificed after an oracle told her father it would be the only way to satiate the gods. She is saved by Perseus, who is known for beheading Medusa, when he slays the monster with the same blade he used on Medusa and they wed each other (Though, there is a bit of a discussion on the possibility of Perseus using Medusa’s gaze to turn Cetus into stone.) He takes her to Greece so she can serve as his queen. At their marriage, Andromeda's uncle , Phineus shows up to argue that since he was already promised to Andromeda, Perseus cannot marry her. Perseus then turns him to stone using the decapitated head of Medusa.
The goddess Athena promises Andromeda that when she dies, she will place her into the sky, among the stars. She keeps this promise, and this is where the Andromeda constellation comes from. The Andromeda constellation is between the Perseus Constellation and the Cassiopeia constellation. It can be seen from the Northern hemisphere from June through February since it is an autumn constellation. The constellation can be seen from the first quadrant of the northern hemisphere. The specific latitude of the constellation is between +90° and -40°.

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