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"Too much of a trauma"
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22 years old
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I'm a cat person

When I was a kid I only had a dog, don't get me wrong, I do loved her, but when my dad came home with a tiny kitty I was in love, since then I cannot live without a cat in my house. I have tree now, their names are: Sebastian (my little black cat), Simon and Morgana.
Sebastian is 8 years old rn, I keep on thinking that he is getting old and we don't have much time anymore :´( I try to concentrate on his love and affection for me insted, but sometimes it's hard. He is the older but the smaller in size (I know cute).
Simon is the middle cat, he is 7 rn and he still acts like a kitty, jumps all around and wants to play with his brother and sister all the time, wich they don't find very nice of him cuz' they're way more chill. He is my dads cat, he complains when he's not home and he sleeps with my dad anytime, he has a kitty face as well, and his back paws looks like bunny paws ><
Morgana is the lady of the fam, she is the youngest and is 4 rn, but she is not a baby or small, actually she is the bigger one, idk females usualy get fat when they get castrated LOL, she has the most beautiful blue eyes and hates cuddles with humans, only with her brothers, sometimes she is agressive against Simon because when she wants cuddles he wants to play.
If you want I can make another post with pictures! Let me know ><

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