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"hurt me, I eat your spine! (♡)"
101 years old
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hellloooo :)

first blog!! had no idea how to make one till i started using myspace on my computer but imma just talk more about myself!! im not gonna say my name cause i dont trust the internet! dont mind my spelling im a dyslexic person :). i like BTS a lot ive been listening to them since january 2018 and i picked up listening to them around august 2020. i have a bf and he's really cool. i play video games like cod, minecraft, fortnite ect! mainly minecraft tho, so if you play you should lemme play with you lol. i love to sleep and eat ya know 2 of my favorite things to do. this one is interesting, i have 3 brothers and im the oldest out of all of them! my birthday is october 12th. yuh i got them spooky vibes. i wouldnt say i hate school, it all right but i just dont like doing work. my biggest goal is to go to college and i wanna become a substance abuse, family and marrige counsaler. someone who helps kids/adults with drugs or alchol, help kids/adults with depression and anxiety! i love to skate board. i havent been able to cause i need new wheels but once i get some imma get back into it. thats all imma say for now, hope everyone who reads this have a good evening/afternoon/morning!! :)

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