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"ayo its ya boy, uhh skinny penis"
13 years old
United States
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100 fwiends :0 (FAQ)

so im at 100 fwiends at the moment- so im gonna answer frequently asked questions!
edit made april 29th, 2021


Q: what grade are you in?
A: 7th grade or grade 7

Q: how old are you?
A: im 13. if you want to unfriend me or block me i completely understand and respect the fact you dont want to interact with a little kid! im sorry if you thought i was older

Q:are you bi or les?
A: im actually queer!! i had a big problem with labeling myself so i just went with queer, but i like boys, girls, whatever, basically anyone who is pretty :) (which everyone is)

Q: are you trans?
A: yes! well actually I have trouble labeling myself, but yeah

A: he/they, please do not use she/her even if I look like a girl still, that shit messes with my dysphoria


okay i think that's basically it! if you have anymore questions, message me or leave a comment on this blog! I hope you have a great day/night/afternoon where ever you are :), remember to stay safe and drink water/eat!

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