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inpraizeofbacchus's Blog

"i used to bite as a kid"
16 years old
United States
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people that i enjoy

  1. the anxious nail biters, i see you man
  2. knitters
  3. those with random knowledge about any period of history and time
  4. platform boot wearers
  5. slow eaters
  6. those who were scared of the vacuum as a kid
  7. night owls who can't function with less than 6 hours of sleep
  8. people who look bad on their mom's facebook but good on instagram
  9. people who have the patience for pinterest
  10. snake owners
  11. former emo kids who are now obsessed with classic rock
  12. kpop stans
  13. converse over vans people
  14. those with an affinity for mathematics
  15. teeth collecters
  16. "disappointment" children of successful parents
  17. overall wearers
  18. people who can handle spice
  19. ring wearers
  20. classic literature freaks
  21. socks at night wearers
  22. foreign language music listeners
  23. people with a pet named oreo
  24. curly haired bitches
  25. people who can drive
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