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"dont repost me bitch i really dont like reposting"
15 years old
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🎕My kinies 🎕(thats all i remember

  1. Undertaker- kuroshistsuji, i know everythink and laught so much
  2. Dazai- bungou stay dogs, personality too you suicide kid
  3. that kid who do voodoo- junji ito, my classmate tell me i am like himmmmmm
  4. Mikan Tsumiki- danganronpa, my class and 4 years was horrible and im masochist
  5. Light Yagami- i will kill people too
  6. Bakugou- boku no hiro academia, if you want a fight just tell me and you will be in hospital next day
  7. Nine- Terror in resonance, i hate this little who name is lisa, shes idiot

and more but i dont remember now, sorry if i made a mistake but english is my second language

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