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wrong, they'd left it wrong. it was as simple as that. truth be told as horrid as it sounds danielle wished she'd never met edmund, never gave him the chance to hurt her. God, hurt her? who did she think she was? for god sakes she'd killed him. no . . she hadn't, had she? the thought shook out of her head, not him — not now, now was about her, about jamie. the kiss the two shared lingered, like a comforting weight that had been removed. Shed longed for it, truthfully she'd longed for the gardeners lips since the moment she'd laid eyes on her. her brunette locks laid gracefully at the length of her shoulders, overalls had cladded her and yet still quite perfectly shown off her figure, and her smile; dear god her smile, it could swoop her off her feet in an instant. her mind seemed to gaze, pondering each and every little detail of the moment she'd shared with the gardener, almost as if time itself had put a pause on the world — fading in away into her thoughts, longing to feel the warmth of her brunette lips once again.

before long the au pair had found herself sat at a pub, she wasn't truthfully a big drinker, only when she needed calm. the woman's blond hair rested on her own arm, locks of hair weaving its way through the cracks of her fingers as she laid her head in her own palm. one drink turned to two, and two to three and before you knew it she'd been up to four, that was until she saw a familiar face in the distance, jamie. her gaze set in quite still on jamie as the gardener walked towards her, "poppins?" she'd spoke, her accent was familiar, even just the sound of her voice was almost enough to fill dani's heart with butterflies.

"jamie its uh, its funny seeing you here" her voice was faint, a bit embarrassed, not knowing what to say. "at the pub below my flat? quite shocking" she'd teased a bit, though a small grin tugging at her lips indicated she was only joking, "so what's the meaning of all this, eh?" the brunette asked with a motion towards the empty drinks beside her — truth be told dani wasn't sure whether or not she should lie, she didn't want to lie to the gardener — not even a small fib. however the thought of explaining herself sounded equally horrific. "i'm um . . i'm sorry" the au pair managed to choke out, her breath getting caught in her throat as she did so. "we left it off so- so wrong and i didn't know what to do or what to say and just-" once again the blonde had begun to ramble, a habit of hers though she hadn't yet noticed it about herself. pausing to collect her thoughts the governess took in a deep breath before beginning again, this time more mellow than before. "i liked it." though the words were simple they'd taken a might amount of courage to speak — the gardeners gaze began to widen a bit as the tips of her lips formed into a loving smirk, her previously pale features flustering before tinting to a soft shade of pink. "is that so?" the brit asked, a teasing inflection in her voice. Jamie, while continuing her facade couldn't help but feel a jolt of relief in her stomach. Suppressing her grin as the gardener gently placed a hand  on the au pairs cheek — the previously small distance between the two of them closing as dani's heart skipped a beat at the touch. the gardeners light thumb traced her cheek lovingly as their eyes met. "we'll uh, we'll talk about this tomorrow, yeah?" jamie voice was gentle, while she wanted to believe dani she also knew the blonde was intoxicated. a nod was given in return, knowing quite well jamie was doing so for the blondes own good. "tomorrow."


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