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101 years old
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โ… about me

hii so i said a little bit abt me in my bio (blurb?) thing but i feel like it wasnt enough so heres some more small chunks of random unorganized info about me asbndhjasdn
i rly like monochrome and grayscale themes (if you couldnt tell from my profile lmao) and i also love halloween-themed things :3

cats are my favourite animal (black cats specifically) but i love all animals :3 (i also really love reptiles and leopard geckos especially they r sosososo cute)

i have entomophobia (phobia of insects) which is a shame because i really want to like bugs :( the only insects/bugs i like r ladybugs, millipedes, moths and butterflies. i hate killing or hurting insects even though im terrified of them :c

honestly the only things i do in my free time are play games, watch yt / tiktok and talk to my friends, if you see me doing anything else its pretty rare (i play games on pc but i also have a ps4 which i used to use a lot before i got this pc :v )

koi is my bestest ever best friend i love her sm <33333
(i also just love my entire friendgroup theyre so cool and hilarious and nice)

it makes me super happy when people call me cute :3 (in regards to my personality)

i love all types of music except for country and carols. i challenge you to find me a song i dont like :>

i love furries sm 99.99% of the community is so nice and doesnt deserve hate :3 ( same with cosplayers )

i absolutely LOVEE nier: automata its my favourite game ever i highly recommend whoever is reading this to buy and play it rn (i also really really love skyrim and oblivion theyre my whole childhood and they give me such good vibes)

im super squeamish and seeing irl blood makes me really uneasy :(

i like when my close friends insult me i think its pretty funny and i do it to show my affection sometimes (miu kinnie moment)

i have adhd & anxiety (diagnosed) and i also have some symptoms of ocd but idk wsdhsdjkshd

i am EXTREMELY indecisive
im not sensitive at all so you can say whatever to me and i wont get offended (unless u insult my page awkljndaklsja)

i really love playing with knives or sharp objects (probably from all the anime & undertale animations ive watched)

i am a minor so no weird stuff in dms pls


hours ive wasted on stuff:

apparently like 5k+ ish hours on discord

probably around 3k~ hours on graal online classic/era (i highly recommend this game even though i dont play it anymore its so fun to just customize ur avatar and talk to ppl, ur profile in game also uses html so its pretty customizable :v )

no clue how many hours i have on minecraft but its probably somewhere around 100 if i had to guess

i have no idea how many but i definitely have too many hours on roblox, i've been playing it for 6 years

idk a bunch on animal jam from when i was younger lmaowehafajskdk

377.4 hours on terraria (dont rly play it anymore tho)

318 hours on paladins (havent played it in a while)

73 hours on nier: automata - ps4 (i also have 100%)

21.4 hours on undertale (i was in the fandom for soo long though like 3 years)

probably a few thousand hours on fortnite (ps4) i used to be SOO addicted :c

i think a few hundred hours on bo3 (ps4) from when i played
maybe like 30 hours (?) on spiderman ps4

a shit ton of hours on watch dogs 2 - ps4 (i have 100% including dlc)

i cant really remember any others rn but ive spent too much of my life playing games wsnbjdns
idk thats all i can think of to add rn but ill probably update this every now and then when i remember something else

anyway thanks for reading this stupid blog abt me lmao

โ€โ€โ€Ž โ€Ž
โ€โ€โ€Ž โ€Ž
โ€โ€โ€Ž โ€Ž
โ€โ€โ€Ž โ€Ž
and heres a nice image of a cat wearing bat wings :3

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โ… kinlist

these r my kins
(no order)

tendou satori - haikyuu

marceline - adventure time

touka kirishima - tokyo ghoul

miu iruma - danganronpa

nagito komaeda - danganronpa

kou minamoto - toilet bound hanako kun

leorio - hxh

9s - nier automata

childe - genshin impact

joseph joestar - jojos bizarre adventure

inosuke hashibira - kimetsu no yaiba

akaza - kimetsu no yaiba


kins im unsure of:

genocider syo - danganronpa

juuzou suzuya - tokyo ghoul

misa amane - death note

killua - hxh

neferpitou - hxh

hawks - mha

soul eater evans - soul eater



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