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"melted cheese and pizza rolls"
17 years old
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ok im back for real now

HI ok i know i said i was back but lowkey that was a lie lol. anways here i am. i think im gonna switch up the css up a bit,, get a new theme. maybe have a cottagecore or a cute blue city theme or a cool red and black one... idk yet. ANYWAYS in the event that i disappear again, add my socials!

instagram- iisa.nne
tiktok- bathtimebella
twitter- g0nervinyl
discord- bathtimebella#0752


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im back !!

hi guys sorry ive been hella ia lol ive been caught up in alot of things

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new pfp !

ok lol i made my pfp my own face taa daa !! face reveal lmao just dont doxx me <3

it doesnt go with my page at all but idc anymore. it will be demon bella for the meantime.



yooooooooooo what is UPPPPP bro... we got 123 friends... thats so wild. thank u ily all

that being said,,, i noticed that theres alot of friend groups on here and im kinda jealous and i want friends here and we pin each other at the top of our friends list. i think that would be so so so cool. i like mixed friend groups and not just one gender bc where the fun in that.

if u wanna be part of a new friend group or smth lemme know lol lets all make a gc on discord or something.
just comment or dm me :))

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merry christmas betches :))


and if u dont celebrate christmas, happy holidays :) one more week until this shithole of 2020 is OVER.

how are u all!! have u drank any water?? i hope u have and if u havent, go. go right now.

something cool today is that we are almost at 100 fwiends !! that is so amazing. new people new friends !! anyways dont be afriad to shoot me a simple dm or a hi. i like talking to all of you.

rn im watching wilbur soot play geoguessr and he didnt read my dono smfh lol

n e wayz

i hope each and every single one of you have an amazing day week year whatever. u all deserve it <3

till next time - bella


anime + music i like

started on dec 23 2020
edited on dec 23 2020

(series + movies)
darling in the franxx
demon slayer
maid sama
kuroko no basket
banana fish
jujutsu kaisen
your lie in april

your name
weathering with you
howls moving castle
spirited away


frank ocean
twenty one pilots
jeremy zucker
salvia palth
fox academy
the 1975
the kid laroi
juice wrld
polo g
lil peep
surf curse
current joys


face reveal?? lol

ok so,,, im debating whether or not i should use my own selfie as a pfp or add it onto my page,,, should i?? bc i feel weird not having one since i dont like hiding behind an anime pfp but idk,,,
ok but a face reveal would also be pointless when my instagram and tiktok are literally public.

in the meantime, stream treehouse by alex g

hugs and kisses xoxo - gossip girl

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almost christmas !!

guys its almost christmas !! i have been really busy with school and personal stuff recently so hi !! i hope i didnt lose my friends lol :) sigh this year has felt so weird im happy its coming to an end. even christmas doesnt feel right and that says alot.

anyways !! how are you all !! ive been working and spending money endlessly its scary... but in good news i got my kpop album in the mail today which was pretty pog. i love holding physical copies of my favourite albums lol.

ive also been binge watching so many twitch streamers and minecraft youtubers skjdkjskjd ive also been watching alot of pc builds and getting jealous,,,,

some of my favourite music rn is mr. nice guy by kayden :))) ill attack a link to it if u guys wanna check it out :))


all the love,
until next time !! - bella

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gooooood morning !!

hii ummm its december 12.. idk how to use myspace and idk how to use ccs lol im scared someone pls help me ok thank u

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