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"part time assassin "
16 years old
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message ???

hi , i go by the name Soleil but i prefer the name Kora. It sounds better to me , though youre free to call me anything you like if we get close or become friends. ALmost everyone here is allowed to message me anytime they like if you are not 18+ , under age 11 , strictly homophobic , an incel , ALM supporter , is not open for different interest or styles of others , Kink shamer , Anti-Furry , intention of being more than friends ( bffs? r ok ) , Anti-Vocoloid , or racist (>‘o’)>.

not sure what else i could write on later blogs lol, i watch alot of anime in the genres of romance, comedy,fanatsy n such, and every now n then reality TV or on going series similar to Bojack Horseman , End of the f***ing world , I Am Not Ok With This, Girl From Nowhere, Scott pilgrim. =)


ba cry for some CSS

please, im begging. if you have a cool CSS code thing on ur profile to all types please friend me and message me the copy paste of your CSS and ill edit it myself from there with your consent :-D. Im rlly into Cyber core , Digital core, Anime Core, Glitch core, Soft core etc etc !!!!!!

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orange juice

just wanted to say that orange juice will always be superior; compared to apple juice and cranberry. you can almost drink it anywhere and also drink it with anything. The nice tangy flavor has never been better, def suggest the Tropicana brand if u want the good flavors and fresh bits of the orange texture. Idk uh,,, just feels refreshing to have it again in so long. All my near convenient stores need to get them in stock <3!!!! this has fore filled every period crave ive had in existence.