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"vale a pena? não."
14 years old
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/cleans throat
um... it's normal being ah eh uhhhm.... /cleans throat again even harder
being... jealous?? of others just because ehhhhh... im a chicha amatayakul fanboy since 2020... and some guys are just-- /cleans throat
loving her now just because its an... tiktok trend????

but now talking serious, i can't be the only one whos that jealous with people that i don't even talk to, just because i met this person before everyone; same thing with kakegurui!! i watched kakegurui months after the release in 2019. and, suddenly, it became a trend in 2020. but as fast as it became a trend, everyone forgot about it.

i really don't know why am i writing this here, but, anyways. y'all have a great morning/evening/afternoon or night.

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//css help...

um hey, does anyone knows how to put that floating animation?? the only thing im struggling with is where to put. someone, help.



today i changed so much, and i don't know why. my nervous twitches are back, and it just attacks when i see people. an side of my head feels empty...
i see figures. black figures. now they have colors, i can see it clearly.
they see me. they always follow me and see what im doing. when i was going upstair to do my therapy, they was following me. i was walking normally, and i see something BEHIND ME. and i look behind me. there was nothing. so i started to run. and im afraid. i see them so many times a day. i think i must be disturbed...

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