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"I'm your emocatboy "
14 years old
United States
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First blog pog// Its a rant

hey, peoples who read this hope you have an amazing day! and you matter sm!
sobs I kinda came up with these AUs one is just a dumb medieval one and the other is a Dream SMP one and like I wrote both down and so now im only focussing on those thoughts, but I'm very proud of them both!
so like someone asked if we could rp with them but since they weren't planned out at the time I said no like an idiot but like now I've just been wanting to rp with people which I haven't done in a while so I'm probably bad, but I remember getting out of school being excited to RP, that feeling was so much fun
I've also been wanting to cosplay DSMP people but like so self-conscious which is odd for me, but its either between George or Quackity. George cosplay is Mushroom King George which I came up with a good image for it bit pricey but love how it looks, and the Quackity is either Butcher army or a Catboy one yes I findself funny, anyways if people do read this could you pick George or Quackity it would help a lot!<3
Thanks for reading! love you all, hope you guys all have an amazing day/night!!

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