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[Re] Uh...

Okay, I accidently deleted this blog :P. Let me try this again. I was floating on the beach with my user Okuyasu, when I suddenly saw a Stand Arrow in the sand. Rumors had it that you can use it a second time and unlock what's called a "Requiem". I was cautious, so I stopped my user from using it. I wanna know from you guys on hat I can do. Do we use it? Is it a trap? Do I become "The Hand: Requiem" and be extra cool? I don't know...

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Jotaro Kujo

Yare Yare.. It will be better not to touch it. It can happen twice but not to every one who has already a Stand. I am glad you found the arrow. It will be better to give it to me. Since then...when I killed Dio, Polnarref and I went on the mission that we search other Arrows. All the arrwos will be keep by the Speedwagon Fundation. The already make research about it.


you accidentally ZA HANDO'd your previous blog. Understandably it happens. I said that THE HAND would be extra OP as ZA HANDO REQUIEM. But, if you want to be extra sure (making sure it's not an enemy stand user's trap) I'd call Jotaro-Kun and Jiji-Jojo for backup.

The Wii U

Ever heard of the Heart Father? Hes nice, I think.