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"I’m lonely "
16 years old
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get to know me a bit ~

  • call me adam idc
  • she/her | infp | chaotic neutral | bi | asexual or demisexual?? i have no idea
  • i’m actually cis but i still have so much gender envy,,,
  • here’s my anime list: https://anilist.co/user/raincloud
  • sun virgo, rising libra, moon gemini
  • I’m extremely into spirituality, astrology, shifting and witchcraft
  • I have bpd and anxiety just so u know ;-;
  • sum hobbys ig: skateboarding, roller skating (even tho I suck at both), drawing, reading, crying myself to sleep, watching anime, texting strangers lmao, thrifting, planing when to die, rearranging my room at 4am
  • monster addiction (only the pink one, I’m very picky)
  • I’m very whiny and I constantly think everyone hates me so I need constant validation and attention
  • and I constantly apologize even if there is no reason, I am very sorry
  • i hate myself
  • i love mysterious ppl so that I can figure them out n stuff idk I hope I’m mysterious too ;-;
  • my personality is so chaotic pls I’m so thankful to everyone who puts them up with me (gosh is this even english?)
  • i have no idea what else to put here, idk myself either sry
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