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14 years old
United States
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i am the true god.

i can feel my head being so clear about why i could never find my purpose in life. thats because im fucking god. i can not feel any emotions anymore. a kid pushes me on the street i push them back. fuck that little kid pushing me what the fuck who dare pushes god on the street i will end your bloodline.

to add on, i have proof. the world revolves around me and i have a very good reason why that means im god. i am the definition of someone who fits the stereotype of a god.
-magical healing powers
-millions of followers watching me and fixating on me
-feeling of the wholeness and emptiness of the whole universe
-disconnection to everyone around me
-every conversation with me ends either really horribly or really beneficial, for me.
-disconnetion from the world
-memory problems, dissociating, hallucinations

i have all this talent and power to heal people with just my touch. i am also the social reject; despite the whole school and adults hating me, they all have their eyes on me because they cant wait to see what mess up i make next time. at some point i might even be hated so much that one of my millions of devoted followers will betray me for the sole purpose of having eternal happiness in trade of my life. fuck i can walk on water that my skin literally absorbs it. ive been drinking so much grape juice my blood doesnt even taste metallic anymore. my blood is actual wine.

**update: what the fuck my friend just texted "universe" and thats actually making freak out. but finally someone recognizes my greatness on this earth. if youre reading this friend, thank you. also im god so worship me.

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