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"Fighting Evil By Moonlight~"
16 years old
United States
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Hi, Nice to Meet You - I'm Abbigayle

Hi! I'm Abby, Abbigayle or Abbu! I'm a rising Gemini, Scorpio with a Aries moon. Born the year of the monkey, I absolutely love to draw, animate and write stories. I have two wip webcomics in the works inspired by my favorite stories and the shows I grew up watching and reading.
My favorite color is pink and I coordinate my entire life and personality around the color. I'm not sure if my obsession with magical girl anime is a cause or effect of that tbh. My best friend has once described me as an irl anime girl so that might give you a good visual of me as a person. I'm pretty extroverted and I love being around by friends, although I don't have many. I'm really socially awkward, loud and clumsy so I really love and appreciate when they can overlook my flaws <3
I'm also kind of a... dork. I really enjoy video games and anime/manga. Fruits Basket, Cardcaptor Sakura, and My Hero Academia are among my favorites. As for video games, the Animal Crossing series is really dear to my heart.
Like I mentioned before, I love to draw and write stories. Daydreaming about my OCs is literally one of my favorite hobbies. Creating characters, worlds and stories people could enjoy is something that makes my heart so happy and I really hope when they come to fruition, it makes people happy the way the stories and characters I loves does for me.

So! That's a little bio for you about me! I hope you enjoy my blog and stick around :)

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i like make a world and story to but i cant make a character :(


hello freind


Lol yup


Oh wow, you’ve been gone for a while