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"I don't know what I'm doing o_0"
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15 years old
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Tired TW

GOD, I am so tired of living this life honestly feels like I am just living the same day over and over again. Every time I lay in my bed I can feel my mood change and feel this sort of nostalgia of my life before I moved. I Truly think I might go back to self-harming it's almost like that's what kept me alive. I am trying to change and evolve to be a better person but it only lasts for so long and people, work, family it all becomes a hassle. I can't even sleep at this point from how drained and overwhelmed I am. It's selfish sure to want to kys but at this point why live a life that u can't even enjoy or tolerate. Wouldn't another choice make sense? I hate myself and the people I try and keep in my life that doesn't do anything for me. I invite people into my life to fix the hole of my loneliness and it only contains itself for about a day then I'm hunting again. Maybe my life would have been different if I didn't make these choices, I wish I could see myself in another light. I am constantly getting words of guilt and pity. Go outside, talk to your friends, do what you love, spend time with me. I can't do this anymore, I'm sorry...

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me and more >_<

HEY HEY!! alright well more about me I'm in high school and looking for more friends yk, myspace friends is like the best kind of friendship! and well I really like Sanrio and frogs of course. I would say my favorite Sanrio character is the star twins. They are my favorite and fit with my zodiac. I am into zodiacs and also criminal cases. and if you wanna know more about me message!!

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finals and my final days

I have recently finished all my finals this week!! woohoooo!! Most of them I failed ngl it's sad. But anyway what fits my final days is me lying to my parents about going to school and then not going. Im gonna get caught in 3 hours so my mom is gonna kill me. I'm scared mostly since idk whats going to happen. So i probably wont be here this often. If i am then I didn't get in trouble and got away with it hehe. Um but yes im scared and don't know what to do. But anyway hope you guys have a fun break.!!



Today we finally got our tree and well idk Christmas isnt the same. It hasnt been for a couple of years, maybe it's just me and how i have changed. But it isn't fun anymore now its just stressful and tiring. Maybe also that finals week is coming up i cant be in the jolly mood but even still i don't think Christmas this year will be that great. Does anyone else feel like this?

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Frogs and Music

hey there! this is just to get more song recommendations, i always need some new ones it's very easy for me to get tired of songs easily. so dm me if you have any! also if you don't have nay how about you tell me your favorite frog type!! i want to know if others like the same as me if not i still would like to get to know you as a person. You really get to know a person from which frog they like! >-<

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