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17 years old
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personal story (possible trigger

Every time i listen to a love song or read a romance novel i think "Wow wouldn't it be great to have something like that"
i've always thought that that day will come to me...eventually at least. i don't just want to be loved... i need to be. My family(my real parents)were drug addicts and criminals. my own mother was on meth with me in her stomach i was born with an addiction to the drug and those drugs fucked up the way i think and feel. I was taken away from my mom at the age of 2 i was in the system for a year then my step-father got me when i was 3 and i've lived with him since. My step-father is actually a very good person he just didn't know Why i always stole things and to this day he still does not understand the way i think or the thing's i do, then again neither do i. At home i feel suffocated and restricted(because i am restricted)i've been grounded for a very long time and i know how to get out of it but its like half the time i don't feel like myself then again that's understandable considering i'm still trying to figure myself out figure out the type of person i am.

i might do more of these personal stories but idk

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