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"hey homosexuals"
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i just got done wit secondary school... finally xD

now i am free ^-^ at least until i hav 2 go 2 sixth form

how hav u guyz been doing? i’ve been listening to måneskin a LOT lately... (if you WTF they’re the band that won eurovision and they’re BADASS)


ps - i managed to put BvB in my english speakin nd got a merit. bow down peasantz xD

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hai again >-<

i’m nearly done w/ secondary school!!!!!! i cannot wait 2 be out of this place you guyz hav no idea >.<

i’ll probz b more active on here once my exams r done....

anyone here watched the movie the crow?? itz so cool

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life update ^_^

so i’ve been like,,,,, ded on here recently >.< soz school iz a thing that i have 2 deal with

my palaye royale graphic novel arrived!!!!! itz so cool i love it and i love palaye

also i got sum striped armwarmer thingz and i look so f1cking cool rn you guyz have no idea >:3

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cobra starship acc bangz >-<

i’ve listened 2 prostitution is the worldz oldest profession + pete wentz iz the only reason we’re famous abt 500 times this past week. gabe saporta iz an icon

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profile music list :3

since i think i’m gunna change my profile music often im gonna put a list of dem here so dat u guyz can see what songz have been on my page after they’ve been changed :3333

  • Astral Projection (Creeper)
  • Knives and Pens (Black Veil Brides) [current]
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actually just vibin, bro

i’ve listened 2 lonely machines (the 3oh!3/gecs collab) like 50 timez over the last 2 dayz..... someone send help >.< it’z just too good

coloradosunrise iz still my fave 3oh!3 song tho

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local emo complains abt energy drinkz

mixxd punch is like. da best monster flavour. so WHYYY doez it have to b one of da most expensive where i am >.<

monster in general iz too expensive where i live, half da time i just get rockstar or relentless bcoz they r cheaper but the cans don’t look az funky nd they usually taste worse too Dx

what’z u guys fave energy drinkz if u drink them??? i’m curious :p


crow rantz abt his fave bandz

i was watching da salem k pit show again earlier nd like.... can they plz do another EP already i NEED to hear a studio version of keep the thorns and sweet tooth before i go INSANE >.<

if u don’t listen to salem go check them out,,,,, they’re super cool nd funky
soon as they do another EP i guarantee sweet tooth or keep the thorns will b my profile song :3


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hai!!!!! i only just made this account

mayb the css will get me extra points 4 my computer science gcse.... ahahahahahha just kidding they won’t know about this (mostly bcoz i’d get made fun of nd also bcoz am not out as trans irl)
so fuckin excited to be done with secondary school..... at da sixth form i’m going to i can wear normal clothes instead of a fuckin shitty uniform

anywayz you guys probs don’t care abt me ranting abt school..... so see ya later emoz!!!!

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